Leviticus 14:10

Leviticus 14:10

And on the eighth day
From the leper's first appearance before the priest, and the day after the above things were done, in ( Leviticus 14:9 ) :

he shall take two he lambs without blemish;
the one for a trespass offering, and the other for a burnt offering; and both typical of Christ the Lamb of God, without spot and blemish:

and one ewe lamb of the first year without blemish;
for a sin offering, a type of Christ also:

and three tenth deals of fine flour, [for] a meat offering, mingled
with oil;
that is, three tenth parts of an ephah, or three omers; one of which was as much, or more than a man could eat in a day, see ( Exodus 16:36 ) ; there were three of these to answer to and accompany the three lambs for sacrifice, just such a quantity was allotted to the lambs of the daily sacrifice, ( Exodus 29:40 ) ; typical, likewise of Christ, who is the true bread, and whose flesh is meat indeed:

and one log of oil;
to be used as after directed: this measure was about half a pint, and is an emblem of the grace and Spirit of God, received by the saints in measure, and is the same with the oil of gladness, poured on Christ without measure, ( Psalms 45:7 ) ( John 3:34 ) .