Luke 2:51

Luke 2:51

And he went down with them
From the temple, and from Jerusalem, which were on high ground:

and came to Nazareth;
where he, and his parents, had lived ever since their return from Egypt:

and was subject unto them;
for though he thought fit to let them know, or, at least, put them in mind, that he had a Father in heaven, whose business he came about, and must do, and therefore did not judge it necessary to ask their leave to stay at Jerusalem on that account; yet, as man, and willing to set an example of filial subjection to parents, he went along with them, and showed all dutiful respect unto them, yielding a ready and cheerful obedience to their commands, living with them, and working under them, and for them: and so he continued till he was about thirty years of age:

but his mother kept all these sayings,
or things; for this relates not only to the words of Christ, but to the whole history of his staying behind them at Jerusalem, of his sitting among the doctors, hearing them, and asking them questions, to the astonishment of all. These things she treasured up, and preserved,

in her heart;
that is, in her memory; so the word is used in Jewish writings. It is reported of R. Meir F6, that

``he went to intercalate the year in Asia, and there was no Megilla (the book of Esther) there, and he wrote it, (wblm) , "out of his heart", (i.e. out of his memory,) and read it.''


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