Luke 8:16

Luke 8:16

No man, when he hath lighted a candle
Christ by this, and some proverbial sentences following, observes to his disciples, that though the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven were delivered in parables for the present, that they might not be seen and understood by some; and though he gave to them the explanation of such parables, as of the above, in a private manner; yet his intention was not, that these things should always remain a secret with them; but as they were the lights of the world, they should communicate them to others; and that that light of the Gospel, and the knowledge of the doctrines of it, which he had imparted to them, were not to be retained and concealed in their bosoms, but to be diffused and spread among others: even as no man, when he lights a candle,

covereth it with a vessel;
any sort of vessel, as with a bushel, (See Gill on Matthew 5:15), or with a bucket, or with a shell, as the Persic version here interprets, rather than translates:

or putteth it under a bed;
whether a bed to sleep on, or a couch to sit or lie upon at meals:

but setteth it on a candlestick;
a vessel, or instrument made for that use and purpose, to put and hold a candle in:

that they which enter in;
to the house, or room, where it is,

may see the light of it,
and be enlightened by it: even so it is the will of Christ, that what evangelical light and knowledge he bestows on any persons, they should not hide it, nor their gifts and talents, or keep it back from the view of others, but should hold it forth both in their preaching, and in their practice.