Mark 1:45

Mark 1:45

But he went out
Either out of the synagogue; for in ( Mark 1:39 ) , it is said, that Christ preached in their synagogues and in ( Mark 1:40 ) , "there came a leper to him"; and Luke very, plainly suggests, that he was in the city, ( Luke 5:12 ) , and he might be in the synagogue: and this was allowed a leper, according to the Jewish canons, provided some rules were observed; which were these F24:

``if a leper enters into a synagogue, they make for him a partition ten hands high, and four cubits broad; he enters in first, and goes out last:''

or, it may be, he went out of the house where he was, into the city, and parts adjacent; for it seems as if the cure was done privately: and yet a leper was not allowed to enter into a house F25;

``if he did, all the vessels which were there, i.e. all the goods in the house were defiled, even to the very beams. R. Simeon says, as far as four cubits. R. Judah says, if he stayed so long as the lighting of a lamp.''

And began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter;
contrary to the charge Christ gave him; though this might be done by him, not out of disobedience to Christ, but out of a transport of joy for the mercy received; and perhaps with a good intention to spread the fame and glory of his Saviour:

insomuch that Jesus could no more openly enter into the city;
of Capernaum, or whatever city it was, where this cure was wrought, without a crowd of people about him, and danger from them, at least from his enemies, who envied his applause and glory.

But was without in desert places;
devoid of inhabitants, where he spent his time in prayer:

and they came to him from every quarter;
whenever the people could learn where he was: so agreeable was his doctrine to some; and so useful his miraculous work of healing to others.


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