Mark 14:70

Mark 14:70

And he denied it again
That he was one of the disciples of Jesus:

and a little after;
about an hour after, ( Luke 22:59 ) ;

they that stood by, said again to Peter, surely thou art one of
one confidently affirmed that he was with Jesus, and another challenged him with seeing him in the garden with him, ( Luke 22:59 ) ( John 18:26 ) , and in general they were of opinion, that he must be one of that sect, giving this as a reason,

for thou art a Galilean:
as they supposed Jesus to be; and knowing that in Galilee he had chiefly preached, and wrought his miracles, and had there a large number of followers:

and thy speech agreeth [thereto];
he used words and phrases peculiar to the Galileans, and pronounced as they did: (See Gill on Matthew 26:73). This clause is omitted in the Vulgate Latin, and is wanting in Beza's most ancient copy; but is in the other copies, and in all the eastern versions.