Mark 5:21

Mark 5:21

And when Jesus was passed over again
Over the sea of Tiberias, that part of it which was necessary to go over from the country of Gadara, to Capernaum,

by ship,
or "boat",

unto the other side.
This may seem to some unnecessary to be added; and it may be asked, what way but by ship, or boat, could he have gone over to the other side of the sea of Galilee? To which it may be replied, there was a bridge at Chammath of Gadara F13, over an arm of this sea, over which Christ and his disciples might have passed, and have gone by land to Capernaum; so that this phrase is very necessarily and significantly used:

much people gathered unto him;
who had before attended on his ministry in these parts, and had seen his miracles; as the casting out of an unclean spirit from a man, healing the centurion's servant, curing the man sick of the palsy, and Simon's wife's mother of a fever, and a man that had a withered hand:

and he was nigh unto the sea;
he seems to have been at Capernaum, which was nigh unto the sea, and in the house of Matthew or Levi, whom he had called at the sea side from the receipt of custom; see ( Matthew 9:9 Matthew 9:10 Matthew 9:18 ) .


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