Mark 8:31

Mark 8:31

And he began to teach them
For as yet he had said nothing to them about his sufferings and death, at least in express terms; but now they being firmly established in the faith of him, as the Messiah, he thought it proper to inform them,

that the son of man must suffer many things;
meaning himself, as that he should be betrayed, apprehended, and bound, should be smitten, spit upon, buffeted, and scourged; and which things must be done, and he suffer them, because it was so determined by God, and foretold in the Scriptures:

and be rejected of the elders, and of the chief priests and Scribes;
which composed the grand sanhedrim of the nation, and are the builders that were prophesied of by whom he should be rejected, ( Psalms 118:22 ) ,

and be killed;
in a violent manner; his life be taken away by force, without law, or justice:

and after three days rise again:
not after three days were ended, and on the fourth day, but after the third day was come; that is, "on the third day", as the Syriac, Arabic, Persic, and Ethiopic versions read; and even the Pharisees themselves thus understood Christ, ( Matthew 27:63 Matthew 27:64 ) , so the phrase, "after eight days", is used for the eighth day, being come, or that same day a week later; see ( Luke 9:28 ) compared with ( Matthew 17:1 ) ( John 20:26 ) .