In this chapter is contained the prophecy of the destruction of
Nineveh, and with it the whole Assyrian empire; the causes of which,
besides those before mentioned, were the murders, lies, and robberies
it was full of, \\#Na 3:1\\ for which it should be swiftly and cruelly
destroyed, \\#Na 3:2,3\\ as also its whoredoms and witchcrafts, or
idolatry, by which nations and families were seduced, \\#Na 3:4\\ and
hence she should be treated as a harlot, her nakedness exposed, and she
cast out with contempt, and mocked at by all, \\#Na 3:5-7\\ and all
those things she placed her confidence in are shown to be of no avail;
as her situation and fortresses, as she might learn from the case of No
Amon, \\#Na 3:8-12\\ nor the number of her inhabitants, which were weak
as women; nor even her merchants, captains, nobles, and king himself,
\\#Na 3:13-18\\ nor the people she was in alliance with, who would now
mock at her, her case being irrecoverable and incurable, \\#Na 3:19\\.