This chapter treats or the murmurings of the children of Israel upon
the evil report of the spies, which greatly distressed Moses and Aaron,
\\#Nu 14:1-5\\; and of the endeavours of Joshua and Caleb to quiet the
minds of the people with a good account of the land, and of the easy
conquest of it, but to no purpose, \\#Nu 14:6-10\\; and of the Lord's
threatening to destroy the people with the pestilence, \\#Nu 14:11,12\\;
and of the intercession of Moses for them, which so far succeeded as to
prevent their immediate destruction, \\#Nu 14:13-20\\; nevertheless they
are assured again and again, in the strongest terms, that none of them
but Joshua and Caleb should enter into the land, but their carcasses
should fall in the wilderness, even all the murmurers of twenty years
old and upwards, \\#Nu 14:21-35\\; and the ten men that brought the evil
report of the good land died of a plague immediately, but the other two
lived, \\#Nu 14:36-38\\; and the body of the people that attempted to go up
the mountain and enter the land were smitten and discomfited by their
enemies, after they had with concern heard what the Lord threatened
them with, \\#Nu 14:39-45\\.