In this chapter is an account of the children of Israel coming to the
wilderness of Zin, where Miriam died, and where wanting water they
murmured, \\#Nu 20:1-5\\, upon which Moses and Aaron applied to the
Lord, who ordered Moses to speak to a rock, which should give forth
water, and which being smitten by him, accordingly did, \\#Nu 20:6-11\\,
but Moses and Aaron, in their conduct of this affair, displeased the
Lord, \\#Nu 20:12,13\\, after this, Moses sent to the king of Edom to
desire a passage through his country, which request was refused,
\\#Nu 20:14-21\\, upon Israel's coming to Mount Hor, Aaron, by order,
went up to the mount, and, when stripped of his clothes, which were put
on his son Eleazar, he died, lamented by all the people, \\#Nu 20:22-29\\.