This chapter gives an account of the defeat of King Arad, the
Canaanite, \\#Nu 21:1-3\\ of the murmurings of the children of
Israel, because of difficulties in travelling round, the land of
Edom, for which they were punished with fiery serpents,
\\#Nu 21:4-6\\ and how that upon their repentance a brazen serpent
was ordered to be made, and to be erected on a pole, that whoever
looked to it might live, \\#Nu 21:7-9\\ and of the several journeys
and stations of the children of Israel, until they came to the land
of the Amorites, \\#Nu 21:10-20\\, when they sent a message to Sihon
their king, to desire him to grant them a passage through his
country; but he refusing, they fought with him, smote him, and
possessed his land, concerning which many proverbial sayings were
used, \\#Nu 21:21-32\\ and the chapter is concluded with the defeat
of Og, king of Bashan, \\#Nu 21:33-35\\.