In this chapter we are told, that Balaam leaving his enchantments, the
Spirit of God came on him, and he spake of the happiness of Israel, and
prophesied of their future greatness and glory, \\#Nu 24:1-9\\ which so
exasperated Balak, that he ordered him at once to depart from him,
\\#Nu 24:10,11\\. Balaam justified himself in what he said and did, and
suggested that before they parted, he had something to say in a
prophetic manner, concerning what Israel should do to Moab in "future"
times, \\#Nu 24:12-14\\ and then prophesies concerning the Messiah,
and the destruction of Moab, and of some neighbouring nations, and even
of some at a greater distance, as the Assyrians and Romans,
\\#Nu 24:15-25\\.