This chapter contains an order to make war upon Midian, which was
accordingly done, \\#Nu 31:1-12\\, but Moses was wroth, because they
saved the women alive, who, through the counsel of Balaam, had been the
cause of sin, and of the plague for it in Israel, and therefore orders
them, and the male children, to be slain, \\#Nu 31:13-18\\, and then
directs to the purification of the soldiers, their captives and spoil,
\\#Nu 31:19-24\\, and by the command of God an account is taken of the
prey, and a division of it made between the soldiers and the
congregation, and out of each part a tribute is levied for the Lord,
\\#Nu 31:25-31\\ and the sum of the whole booty is given,
\\#Nu 31:32-35\\ and of the part which belonged to the soldiers, and of
the tribute given to the Lord, \\#Nu 31:36-41\\ and of the part which
belonged to the children of Israel, \\#Nu 31:42-47\\ and besides the
above tribute to the Lord, the officers made a voluntary oblation out
of their spoil, both by way of gratitude for sparing their lives, and
to make atonement for their souls, \\#Nu 31:48-54\\.