Numbers 33:52

Numbers 33:52

Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from
before you
Not at once, but gradually; and the sense is, that they should use their utmost endeavours wholly to extirpate them:

and destroy all their pictures;
their idolatrous ones; the pictures of their gods, or the statues and figured stones of them: the Targum of Jonathan interprets it,

``all the temples of their worship;''

and the Jerusalem Targum,

``all their idols;''

so called, as Jarchi notes, because they covered the floor with a pavement of marble stones, to worship upon them by the stretching out of their hands and feet, according to ( Leviticus 26:1 ) ,

and destroy all their molten images;
of gold, silver

and quite pluck down all their high places;
their temples, groves, and altars built upon them.