Numbers 34:19

Ver. 19-28. And the names of the men are these
Which were not left to the tribes to choose, but were nominated by the Lord himself, who best knew their capacities and qualifications for this service: of the tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jephunneh:
who was one of the two spies that brought a good report of the land, and Joshua is the other; and these were the only two of the spies living, and who are the first that were appointed to this service, of overseeing the division of the land; the rest were all of the new generation, that were sprung up, whose fathers fell in the wilderness, and we know no more of them than their names; and therefore from hence, to the end of ( Numbers 34:28 ) , no further remarks are necessary, only that the tribes and the princes are reckoned in a different order than they were at any time before, either at the first numbering of them, ( Numbers 1:1 ) or at the offerings for the dedication of the altar, ( Numbers 7:1-89 ) or at the taking the sum of them, ( Numbers 26:1-65 ) even according to the order of their situation in the land of Canaan by their lots, and which Moses did not live to see; and which therefore shows the prescience and predisposing providence of God, and that Moses, as Bishop Patrick observes, was guided by a divine Spirit in all his writings.