This chapter relates Rehoboam's going to Shechem to be made king, and
Jeroboam's return from Egypt, \\#1Ki 12:1,2\\, the people's request to
Rehoboam to be eased of their taxes, as the condition of making him
king, \\#1Ki 12:3,4\\, his answer to them, after three days, having
had the advice both of the old and young men, which latter he
followed, and gave in a rough answer, \\#1Ki 12:5-15\\, upon which ten
tribes revolted from him, and two abode by him, \\#1Ki 12:16-20\\,
wherefore he meditated a war against the ten tribes, but was forbid by
the Lord to engage in it, \\#1Ki 12:21-24\\ and Jeroboam, in order to
establish his kingdom, and preserve the people from a revolt to the
house of David, because of the temple worship at Jerusalem, devised a
scheme of idolatrous worship in his own territories, \\#1Ki 12:25-33\\.