In this chapter Solomon advises to seek after wisdom, to avoid bad
company, and to continue in the right paths of goodness and truth: he
excites attention to what he had to say, from the relation he stood in
to the persons addressed; from the nature of his instructions, which
were good and profitable; and from his own example, in attending to
those his parents gave him, \\#Pr 4:1-4\\; He exhorts above all things to
get wisdom, from the superior excellency of it, and from the
preservation, promotion, and honour, to be had by it, \\#Pr 4:5-9\\; and he
further enforces big exhortations, from their being the means of a
comfortable life, and of the prolongation of it, and of leading in a
right way without straitness or stumbling, \\#Pr 4:10-13\\. And then
proceeds to caution against bad company, and going into a bad way of
life; which is enforced from the mischief done by those that walk in
it, and from the darkness of it, to which the path of the just is
opposed, \\#Pr 4:14-19\\. And the exhortation to attend to and observe his
instructions, and keep them, is repeated, from the consideration of
their being life and health to them, \\#Pr 4:20-22\\; and that they might
be preserved, and not departed from, direction's are given about
ordering the heart, mouth, lips, eyes, and feet, \\#Pr 4:23-27\\.