In this chapter is contained a large commendation of the church's
beauty by Christ; first, more particularly, by an enumeration of
several parts, as her eyes, hair, teeth, lips, temples, neck, and
breasts, \\#So 4:1-5\\; and more generally, \\#So 4:7\\; And having
observed where he himself was determined to go, he invites her to go
with him; which he enforces, partly from the danger she was exposed
unto where she was \\#So 4:6,8\\; and partly from the comeliness of
her person and graces in his esteem; with which he was ravished, and
therefore was extremely desirous of her company, \\#So 4:9-11\\; And then
enters into some new descriptions of her; as a garden and orchard, as
a spring and fountain, \\#So 4:12-14\\; all which she makes to be owing
to him, \\#So 4:15\\; And the chapter is closed with an order from Christ
to the winds to blow on his garden, and cause the spices of it to flow
out; and with an invitation of the church to Christ, to come into his
garden, and relax there, \\#So 4:16\\.