This chapter is a prophecy of the conversion of the Jews in the latter
day, when the fulness of the Gentiles is brought in, spoken of in the
preceding chapter \\#Zec 9:1-17\\. It begins with an exhortation to ask rain
of the Lord; denounces wrath upon his enemies; and consists of various
promises to his people. The exhortation to ask rain is in \\#Zec 10:1\\ to
which encouragement is given from its being of the Lord, from his
willingness to grant it, and from the fruitfulness occasioned by it. The
vanity of idols, and idolaters, who can not give it, is exposed; and the
distress and confusion they were thrown into is observed, \\#Zec 10:2\\. The
anger of the Lord against the principal of them is declared; and his
gracious visitation of the people of the Jews, whom he will honour and
glorify, is taken notice of, \\#Zec 10:3\\ from whom the Messiah sprung,
than which a greater glory can not be enjoyed, \\#Zec 10:4\\ and then follow
various promises, relating to them; as of victory over their enemies,
through the presence of the Lord with them, \\#Zec 10:5\\ of strength and
salvation to them, as owing to his free grace and mercy, \\#Zec 10:6\\ of
inward spiritual joy in them and theirs, \\#Zec 10:7\\ of their effectual
calling and spiritual increase, in consequence of redeeming grace,
\\#Zec 10:8\\ of their having a name and a place in Gospel churches, where
they will remember the Lord, and live with their children, being
converted, \\#Zec 10:9\\ which conversion of theirs is represented in terms
alluding to their deliverance from Egypt and Babylon, \\#Zec 10:10,11\\ and
the chapter is concluded with a promise of spiritual strength, so that
they shall continue in their profession of faith in Christ, and
persevere therein to the end, \\#Zec 10:12\\.