In this chapter are contained the vision of a golden candlestick, and
of two olive trees by it, and the explanation thereof. The preparation
to this vision, which is the awaking of the prophet, as of a man out of
sleep, is in \\#Zec 4:1\\. The vision of the candlestick, and olive
trees, is in \\#Zec 4:2,3\\. The candlestick is described by the matter
of it, gold; and by the parts of it, its bowl, lamps, and pipes; and
the olive trees by their situation; the explanation of which is at the
request of the prophet, he not knowing what they meant, \\#Zec 4:4,5\\
when it is observed to him, that this represents, under the type of
Zerubbabel building the temple, the building of the Gospel church by
Christ; and which is done and finished, not by might or power of man,
but by the Spirit, notwithstanding all opposition, and contempt of it,
to the great joy of many, who observe the grace of God, and his
providential care and goodness, in it, \\#Zec 4:6-10\\ and upon the
prophet's inquiring the meaning of the two olive trees, which he was
ignorant of, he is told that these are the two anointed ones that stood
by the Lord of the whole earth, \\#Zec 4:11-14\\.