This chapter treats concerning the nature and use of certain fasts kept
by the Jews, on account of the destruction of the temple, and other
things; and concerning the message of the former prophets to them, and
the effects of it. The occasion of the former was an embassy sent by
the Jews to the priests and prophets, to know whether they should
continue the fast of the fifth month; upon which the prophet was sent
by the Lord unto them. The time of the prophecy is noted, \\#Zec 7:1\\.
An account of the embassy is given, of the persons that were sent, and
to whom, and upon what account, \\#Zec 7:2,3\\. The answer of the Lord
to it by the prophet, showing the usefulness of fasts to him, and
putting them upon hearkening to his voice by the former prophets, when
Jerusalem was in great prosperity, \\#Zec 7:4-7\\ and then they are
exhorted by him, in the ministry of the present prophet, to acts of
righteousness, several species of which are mentioned; and which were
the same they had been exhorted to by the former prophets, but had
neglected, and hardened their hearts against all exhortations and
instructions, \\#Zec 7:8-12\\ and were the reason of their captivity
and desolation, \\#Zec 7:13,14\\.