Josephus, in the words before quoted, speaking of Abella, adds this passage; "that had been the tetrarchy of Lysanias." So also Ptolemy; "Abila, that bore the name of Lysanias": and he reckons this up among the cities of Coelosyria, under these degrees: Heliopolis 68.40 33.40; Abila 68.45 33.20.

It is not without cause distinguished by its relation to Lysanias, because in one place or another there were several Abilas or Abellas: for the Hebrew word Abel goes into that pronunciation in the Greek: and there were many places of that name.

Abel-shittim, where the Israelites pitched their tents immediately after they had passed the river Jordan, in Josephus is called Abila, "distant from Jordan threescore furlongs": which he also mentions with Julias in Perea. There is also Abel-meholah, and Abel-beth-maachah, &c.

Near this sound comes Abelas of the Cilicians. The very word Abilene is in Vajicra Rabba; "The Sabeans fell upon them, and took them away. (Job 1:15) R. Abin Bar Cahna saith, They came out of Caphar Karinus, and they went through all Abilene, and came to Migdol Zabaiah, and there died."