1 John 3:3

Set on him (ep autwi). Resting upon (epi) with locative rather than ei, looking to, Acts 24:15 . That is upon Christ (Brooke), upon God (D. Smith), upon God in Christ (Westcott). Purifieth himself (agnizei eauton). Present active indicative of agnizw, old verb, from agno (pure from contamination), used of ceremonial purifications ( John 11:55 ; Acts 21:24 Acts 21:26 as in Exodus 19:10 ) and then of personal internal cleansing of heart ( James 4:8 ), soul ( 1 Peter 1:22 ), self (here). Cf. Philippians 2:12 the work of both God and man. As he is pure (kaqw ekeino agno estin). As in Philippians 2:6 ; Philippians 3:9 ekeino (emphatic demonstrative) refers to Christ. Christ can be termed agno "in virtue of the perfection of his humanity" (Westcott). Our destiny is to be conformed to the image of God in Christ ( Romans 8:29 ).