1 Peter 2:12

Seemly (kalhn). Predicate adjective with anastrophn, for which see Galatians 1:15 Galatians 1:18 . The Gentiles are on the watch for slips in moral conduct by the Christians. That (ina). Final conjunction with doxaswsin (they may glorify, first aorist active subjunctive of doxazw, the purpose of the Christians about the Gentiles. Wherein (en wi). "In what thing." As evil-doers (w kakopoiwn). As they did and do, old word (from kakon and poiew, John 18:30 ), in N.T. only here and verse 1 Peter 2:14 in correct text. Heathen talk against us (katalalousin) gleefully. By your good works (ek twn kalwn ergwn). "Out of (as a result of) your good (beautiful) deeds." Which they behold (epopteuonte). Present active participle of epopteuw, old verb (from, epopth, overseer, spectator, 2 Peter 1:16 ), to be an overseer, to view carefully, in N.T. only here and 1 Peter 3:2 . In the day of visitation (en hmerai episkoph). From Isaiah 10:33 . Cf. its use in Luke 19:44 , which see for the word episkoph (from episkopew, to inspect ( Hebrews 12:15 ). Clear echo here of Matthew 5:16 .