1 Peter 3:15

Sanctify (agiasate). First aorist active imperative of agiazw. This instead of being afraid. Christ as Lord (kurion ton Criston). Ton Criston, direct object with article and kurion predicate accusative (without article). This is the correct text, not ton qeon of the Textus Receptus. An adaptation to Christ of Isaiah 8:13 . Being ready always (etoimoi aei). No participle in the Greek, old adjective ( Titus 3:1 ). To give answer (pro apologian). "For an apology," the old sense of apologia, an answer back, a defence (not excuse), as in Acts 22:1 , from apologeomai to defend (not to apologize). A reason concerning the hope that is in you (logon peri th en umin elpido). Original sense of logon (accusative of the thing with aitounti with uma, accusative of the person) "concerning the in you hope." Ready with a spoken defence of the inward hope. This attitude calls for an intelligent grasp of the hope and skill in presenting it. In Athens every citizen was expected to be able to join in the discussion of state affairs. Yet with meekness and fear (alla meta prauthto kai pobou). Of God ( Acts 2:18 ; Acts 3:2 Acts 3:4 ), not of man.