1 Thessalonians 1:7

So that ye became (wste genesqai uma). Definite result expressed by wste and the infinitive genesqai (second aorist middle of ginomai) as is common in the Koin. An ensample (tupon). So B D, but Aleph A C have tupou (plural). The singular looks at the church as a whole, the plural as individuals like uma. Tupo is an old word from tuptw, to strike, and so the mark of a blow, print as in John 20:25 . Then the figure formed by the blow, image as in Acts 7:43 . Then the mould or form ( Romans 6:17 ; Acts 23:25 ). Then an example or pattern as in Acts 7:44 , to be imitated as here, Philippians 3:17 , etc. It was a great compliment for the church in Thessalonica to be already a model for believers in Macedonia and Achaia. Our word type for printers is this same word with one of its meanings. Note separate article with both Macedonia (th Makedoniai) and Achaia (th Acaiai) treated as separate provinces as they were.