2 Corinthians 2:1

That I would not come again to you with sorrow (to mh palin en luph pro uma elqein). Articular second aorist active infinitive with negative mh in apposition with touto (this) preceding. What does Paul mean by "again" (palin)? Had he paid another visit besides that described in Acts 18:1 ff. which was in sorrow (en luph)? Or does he mean that having had one joyful visit (that in Ac 18) he does not wish the second one to be in sorrow? Either interpretation is possible as the Greek stands and scholars disagree. So in Acts 12:14 "The third time I am ready to come" may refer to the proposed second visit ( Acts 1:15 ) and the present plan (a third). And so as to Acts 13:1 . There is absolutely no way to tell clearly whether Paul had already made a second visit. If he had done so, it is a bit odd that he did not plainly say so in Acts 1:15 when he is apologizing for not having made the proposed visit ("a second benefit").