2 John 1:5

Beseech (erwtw). For pray as in 1 John 5:16 . Lady (kuria). Vocative case and in the same sense as in 2 John 1:1 . As though I wrote (w grapwn). Common idiom w with the participle (present active) for the alleged reason. New (kainhn). As in 1 John 2:7 , which see. We had (eicamen). Imperfect active (late -a form like eican in Mark 8:7 ) of ecw and note eicete with ap arch in 1 John 2:7 . Not literary plural, John identifying all Christians with himself in this blessing. That we love one another (ina agapwmen allhlou). Either a final clause after erwtw as in John 17:15 or an object clause in apposition with entolhn, like 1 John 2:27 ; 1 John 3:23 and like verse 2 John 1:6 .