2 Peter 3:17

Knowing these things beforehand (proginwskonte). Present active participle of proginwskw as in 1 Peter 1:20 . Cf. prwton ginwskw ( 2 Peter 1:20 ; 2 Peter 3:1 ). Hence they are without excuse for misunderstanding Peter or Paul on this subject. Beware (pulassesqe). Present middle imperative of pulassw, common verb, to guard. Lest (ina mh). Negative purpose, "that not." Being carried away (sunapacqente). First aorist passive participle of sunapagw, old verb double compound, to carry away together with, in N.T. only here and Galatians 2:13 . With the error (th planh). Instrumental case, "by the error" (the wandering). Of the wicked (twn aqesmwn). See on Galatians 2:7 . Ye fall from (ekpeshte). Second aorist active subjunctive with ina mh of ekpiptw, old verb, to fall out of, with the ablative here (sthrigmou, steadfastness, late word from sthrizw, here alone in N.T.) as in Galatians 5:4 (th carito exepesate, ye fell out of grace).