2 Timothy 1:10

But hath now been manifested (panerwqeisan de nun). First aorist passive participle of panerow agreeing with carin. See Titus 1:3 ; Colossians 1:26 ; Colossians 3:4 for panerow and the contrast made. By the appearing (dia th epipaneia). Only here of the Incarnation (except the verb, Titus 2:11 ; Titus 3:4 ), but for the second coming see Titus 2:13 . Who abolished death (katarghsanto men ton qanaton). First aorist active participle of katargew, the very phrase in 1 Corinthians 15:26 ; Hebrews 2:14 . Brought to light (pwtisanto de). First aorist active participle of pwtizw, literary Koin word for which see 1 Corinthians 4:5 ; Ephesians 1:18 , to turn the light on. Life and incorruption (zwhn kai apqarsian). The opposite of qanato, "life and immortality" (unchangeable life).