3 John 1:4

Greater (meizoteran). A double comparative with -tero added to meizwn, like our "lesser" and like mallon kreisson (more better) in Philippians 1:23 . In Ephesians 3:8 we have elacistoterwi, a comparative on a superlative. Like forms occur in the vernacular papyri and even in Homer (ceirotero, more worse) as also in Shakespeare. Joy (caran). B reads carin (grace). Than this (toutwn). Ablative neuter plural after the comparative. To hear of (ina akouw). Object clause (epexegetic) with ina and akouw, the present active subjunctive (keep on hearing of) in apposition with toutwn, Walking in truth (en alhqeiai peripatounta). As in 2 John 1:4 , which see. By the use of tekna John may mean that Gaius is one of his converts ( 1 Timothy 1:1 ).