Acts 13:42

And as they went out (Exiontwn de autwn). Genitive absolute with present active participle of exeimi, to go out, old verb, in the N.T. only in Ac 12:42; Acts 17:15 ; Acts 20:7 ; Acts 27:43 . As they (Paul and Barnabas) were going out with all the excitement and hubbub created by the sermon. They besought (parekaloun). Imperfect active, inchoative, began to beseech. The Textus Receptus inserts wrongly ta eqnh (the Gentiles) as if the Jews were opposed to Paul from the first as some doubtless were. But both Jews and Gentiles asked for the repetition of the sermon (lalhqhnai, first aorist passive infinitive object of parekaloun with accusative of general reference). The next Sabbath (ei to metaxu sabbaton). Late use (Josephus, Plutarch, etc.) of metaxu (meta and xun=sun) in sense of after or next instead of between (sense of meta prevailing). Note use of ei for "on" or "by."