Acts 19:12

Handkerchiefs (soudaria). Latin word for sudor (sweat). Used in Luke 19:20 ; John 11:44 ; John 20:7 . In two papyri marriage-contracts this word occurs among the toilet articles in the dowry (Deissmann, Bible Studies, p. 223). Aprons (simikinqia). Latin word also, semicinctilum (semi, cingo). Only here in the N.T. Linen aprons used by servants or artisans (Martial XIV. 153). Paul did manual work at Ephesus ( John 20:34 ) and so wore these aprons. Departed (apallalseqai). Present passive infinitive with wste for actual result as in verse John 10 . If one wonders how God could honour such superstitious faith, he should remember that there is no power in superstition or in magic, but in God. If God never honoured any faith save that entirely free from superstition, how about Christian people who are troubled over the number 13, over the moon, the rabbit's foot? The poor woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of Christ's garment and was healed ( Luke 8:44-46 ) as others sought to do ( Matthew 14:36 ). God condescends to meet us in our ignorance and weakness where he can reach us. Elisha had a notion that some of the power of Elijah resided in his mantle ( 2 Kings 2:13 ). Some even sought help from Peter's shadow ( Acts 5:15 ).