Acts 20:22

Bound in the spirit (dedemeno twi pneumati). Perfect passive participle of dew, to bind, with the locative case. "Bound in my spirit" he means, as in Romans 19:21 , from a high sense of duty. The mention of "the Holy Spirit" specifically in verse Romans 23 seems to be in contrast to his own spirit here. His own spirit was under the control of the Holy Spirit ( Romans 8:16 ) and the sense does not differ greatly. Not knowing (mh eidw). Second perfect active participle of oida with mh. That shall befall me (ta sunanthsonta emoi). Articular future active participle of sunantaw, to meet with ( Acts 10:25 ), to befall (with associative instrumental case) and compare with sumbantwn (befell) in verse Acts 19 . One of the rare instances of the future participle in the N.T.