Acts 22:22

They gave him audience (hkouon). Imperfect active, they kept on listening, at least with respectful attention. Unto this word (acri toutou tou logou). But "this word" was like a spark in a powder magazine or a torch to an oil tank. The explosion of pent-up indignation broke out instantly worse than at first ( Luke 21:30 ). Away with such a fellow from the earth (Aire apo th gh ton toiouton). They renew the cry with the very words in Luke 21:36 , but with "from the earth" for vehemence. For it is not fit (ou gar kaqhken). Imperfect active of kaqhkw, old verb to come down to, to become, to fit. In the N.T. only here and Romans 1:28 . The imperfect is a neat Greek idiom for impatience about an obligation: It was not fitting, he ought to have been put to death long ago. The obligation is conceived as not lived up to like our "ought" (past of owe). See Robertson, Grammar, p. 886.