Acts 25:19

But had (de eicon). Descriptive imperfect active of ecw and de of contrast (but). Concerning their own religion (peri th idia deisidaimonia). See on Acts 17:22 for discussion of this word. Festus would hardly mean "superstition," whatever he really thought, because Agrippa was a Jew. And of one Jesus (kai peri tino Ihsou). This is the climax of supercilious scorn toward both Paul and "one Jesus." Who was dead (teqnhkoto). Perfect active participle of qnhskw agreeing with Ihsou (genitive). As being dead. Whom Paul affirmed to be alive (on epasken o Paulo zhn). Imperfect active of paskw, old form of phmi to say, in the N.T. only here and Acts 24:9 ; Romans 1:22 . Infinitive zhn in indirect discourse with on (whom) the accusative of general reference. With all his top-loftical airs Festus has here correctly stated the central point of Paul's preaching about Jesus as no longer dead, but living.