Acts 5:33

Were cut to the heart (dieprionto). Imperfect passive of diapriw old verb (dia, priw), to saw in two (dia), to cut in two (to the heart). Here it is rage that cuts into their hearts, not conviction of sin as in Acts 2:37 . Only here and Acts 7:54 (after Stephen's speech) in the N.T. (cf. Simeon's prophecy in Luke 2:35 ). Were minded (eboulonto). Imperfect middle of boulomai. They were plotting and planning to kill (anelein, as in Acts 2:23 ; Luke 23:33 which see) then and there. The point in Acts 4:7 was whether the apostles deserved stoning for curing the cripple by demoniacal power, but here it was disobedience to the command of the Sanhedrin which was not a capital offence. "They were on the point of committing a grave judicial blunder" (Furneaux).