Colossians 1:29

Whereunto (ei o). That is "to present every man perfect in Christ." I labour also (kai kopiw). Late verb kopiaw, from kopo (toil), to grow weary from toil ( Matthew 11:28 ), to toil on ( Philippians 2:16 ), sometimes for athletic training. In papyri. Striving (agwnizomeno). Present middle participle of common verb agwnizomai (from agwn, contest, as in Philippians 2:1 ), to contend in athletic games, to agonize, a favourite metaphor with Paul who is now a prisoner. Working (energeian). Our word "energy." Late word from energh (en, ergon), efficiency (at work). Play on the word here with the present passive participle of energew, energoumenhn (energy energized) as in Ephesians 1:19 . Paul was conscious of God's "energy" at work in him "mightily" (en dunamei), "in power" like dynamite.