Ephesians 3:6

To wit. Not in the Greek. But the infinitive (einai) clause is epexegetical and gives the content of the revelation, a common idiom in the N.T. Ta eqnh is in the accusative of general reference. Paul is fond of compounds with sun and here uses three of them. Fellow-heirs (sunklhronoma). Late and rare (Philo, inscriptions and papyri). See also Romans 8:17 . Fellow-members of the body (sunswma). First found here and only here save in later ecclesiastical writers. Preuschen argues that it is equivalent to sundoulo in Colossians 1:7 (swma in sense of doulo). Fellow-partakers (sunmetoca). Another late and rare word (Josephus). Only here in N.T. In one papyrus in sense of joint possessor of a house.