Ephesians 6:16

Taking up (analabonte). See verse Acts 13 . The shield of faith (ton qureon th pistew). Late word in this sense a large stone against the door in Homer, from qura, door, large and oblong (Latin scutum), aspi being smaller and circular, only here in N.T. To quench (sbesai). First aorist active infinitive of sbennumi, old word, to extinguish ( Matthew 12:20 ). All the fiery darts (panta ta belh ta pepurwmena). Belo is an old word for missile, dart (from ballw, to throw), only here in N.T. Pepurwmena is perfect passive participle of purow, old verb, to set on fire, from pur (fire). These darts were sometimes ablaze in order to set fire to the enemies' clothing or camp or homes just as the American Indians used to shoot poisoned arrows.