Galatians 5:17

Lusteth against (epiqumei kata). Like a tug of war. This use of sarx as opposed to the Spirit (Holy Spirit) personifies sarx. Lightfoot argues that epiqumei cannot be used with the Spirit and so some other verb must be supplied for it. But that is wholly needless, for the verb, like epiqumia, does not mean evil desire, but simply to long for. Christ and Satan long for the possession of the city of Man Soul as Bunyan shows. Are contrary the one to the other (allhloi antikeitai). Are lined up in conflict, face to face (anti-), a spiritual duel (cf. Christ's temptations), with dative case of personal interest (allhloi). That ye may not do (ina mh poihte). "That ye may not keep on doing" (present active subjunctive of poiew). That ye would (a ean qelhte). "Whatever ye wish" (indefinite relative with ean and present subjunctive).