Hebrews 5:5

So Christ also (outw kai o Cristo). Just as with Aaron. Jesus had divine appointment as high priest also. To be made (genhqhnai). First aorist passive infinitive of ginomai. High priest (arcierea). Predicate accusative agreeing with eauton (himself) object of edoxasen. But he that spake unto him (all o lalhsa pro auton). Ellipsis of edoxasen to be supplied from preceding clause. God did glorify Jesus in appointing him priest as we see in Psalms 2:7 quoted already as Messianic ( Hebrews 1:5 ). Jesus himself repeatedly claimed that the Father sent him on his mission to the world ( John 5:30 John 5:43 ; John 8:54 ; John 17:5 , etc.). Bruce holds that Christ's priesthood is co-eval with his Sonship. Davidson thinks it is merely suitable because he is Son. Clearly the Father nominated (Dods) the Son to the Messianic priesthood ( John 3:16 ).