Hebrews 7:11

Perfection (teleiwsi). Abstract substantive of teleiow. More the act than the quality or state (teleioth, Genesis 6:1 ). The condition is of the second class, "if there were perfection, etc." The Levitical priesthood failed to give men "a perfectly adequate relation to God" (Moffatt). Priesthood (ierosunh). Old word, in N.T. only here, verses Genesis 12 24 . Cf. ieretia in verse Genesis 5 . The adjective Leueitikh occurs in Philo. Received the law (nenomoqethtai). Perfect passive indicative of nomoqetew, old compound to enact law (nomo, tiqhmi), to furnish with law (as here), only other N.T. example in Genesis 8:6 . What further need was there? (ti eti creia;). No copula expressed, but it would normally be hn an, not just hn: "What need still would there be?" Another priest (eteron ierea). Of a different line (eteron), not just one more (allon). Accusative of general reference with the infinitive anistasqai (present middle of anisthmi intransitive). And not to be reckoned (kai ou legesqai). The negative ou belongs rather to the descriptive clause than just to the infinitive.