Hebrews 9:19

When every commandment had been spoken (lalhqeish). Genitive absolute with first aorist passive participle feminine singular of lalew. The author uses the account in Exodus 24:3 "with characteristic freedom" (Moffatt). There is nothing there about the water, the scarlet wool (erion, diminutive of ero, eiro, old word, here and in Revelation 1:14 ; for kokkino see on Matthew 27:6 Matthew 27:28 ), and hyssop (usswpou, a plant mentioned in John 19:29 ). It had become the custom to mingle water with the blood and to use a wisp of wool or a stem of hyssop for sprinkling ( Numbers 10:2-10 ). Both the book itself (auto te to biblion). There is nothing in Exodus about sprinkling the book of the covenant, though it may very well have been done. He omits the use of oil in Exodus 40:9 ; Leviticus 8:10 and applies blood to all the details. Sprinkled (erantisen). First aorist active indicative from rantizw (from ranto and this from rainw), like baptizw from baptw. Cf. Mark 7:4 ; Hebrews 10:22 ; Revelation 19:13 .