Hebrews 9:5

Above it (uperanw auth). Up above, in local sense as in Ephesians 4:10 , with ablative case auth (it, the ark). Cherubim of glory (Ceroubein doxh). Hebrew word (dual form), two in number, made of gold ( Exodus 25:18-22 ). They are called zwa (living creatures) in the LXX ( Isaiah 6:2 ; Ezekiel 1:5-10 ; Ezekiel 10:5-20 ). Overshadowing (kataskiazonta). Present active participle of kataskiazw, old verb to shadow down on, cover with shade, only here in the N.T. The mercy seat (to ilasthrion). The pinions of the Cherubim spread over the rectangular gold slab on top of the ark termed the mercy seat. Here the adjective ilasthrio has to mean mercy seat, the place, not the propitiatory gift or propitiation, as in Romans 3:25 (Deissmann, Bible Studies, pp. 124-35). Severally (kata mero). In detail, distributive use of kata with mero (part).