James 2:6

But ye have dishonoured the poor man (umei de htimasate ton ptwcon). First aorist active indicative of atimazw, old verb from atimo, dishonoured ( Matthew 13:57 ). In the act of partiality pictured in James 2:3 . Oppress you (katadunasteuousin umwn). Not very common compound (katadunasteuw, present active indicative, from kata and dunasth, potentate, Luke 1:52 ), used of the devil in Acts 10:38 (only other N.T. example). Examples in papyri of harsh treatment by men in authority. Already poor Christians are feeling pressure from rich Jews as overlords. Drag you (elkousin uma). Old and vigorous word for violent treatment, as of Paul in Acts 16:19 ; Acts 21:30 . Cf. such violence in Luke 12:58 ; Acts 8:3 . Before the judgment-seats (ei krithria). "To courts of justice" as in 1 Corinthians 6:2 1 Corinthians 6:4 (only other N.T. examples). Common in the papyri in this sense. From krinw to judge, krith (judge), place where judgment is given.