John 1:10

He was in the world (en twi kosmwi hn). Imperfect tense of continuous existence in the universe before the Incarnation as in verses Ephesians 1 2 . Was made by him (di autou egeneto). "Through him." Same statement here of "the world" (o kosmo) as that made in verse Ephesians 3 of panta. Knew him not (auton ouk egnw). Second aorist active indicative of common verb ginoskw, what Gildersleeve called a negative aorist, refused or failed to recognize him, his world that he had created and that was held together by him ( Colossians 1:16 ). Not only did the world fail to know the Pre-incarnate Logos, but it failed to recognize him when he became Incarnate ( John 1:26 ). Two examples in this sentence of John's fondness for kai as in verses John 1 4 5 14, the paratactic rather than the hypotactic construction, like the common Hebrew use of wav.