John 11:31

Followed her (hkolouqhsan auth). First aorist active indicative of akolouqew with associative instrumental case (auth). This crowd of consolers (paramuqoumenoi) meant kindly enough, but did the one wrong thing for Mary wished to see Jesus alone. People with kind notions often so act. The secrecy of Martha (verse 28 ) was of no avail. Supposing that she was going unto the tomb (doxante oti upagei ei to mnhmeion). First aorist active participle of dokew, justifying their conduct by a wrong inference. Note retention of present tense upagei in indirect discourse after the secondary tense hkolouqhsan. To weep there (ina klaush ekei). Purpose clause with ina and the first aorist active subjunctive of klaiw, old verb to weep. Sometimes to wail or howl in oriental style of grief, but surely not that here. At any rate this supposed purpose of Mary was a real reason for this crowd not to go with her.