John 18:15

Followed (hkolouqei). Imperfect active of akolouqew, "was following," picturesque and vivid tense, with associative instrumental case twi Ihsou. Another disciple (allo maqhth). Correct text without article o (genuine in verse John 16 ). Peter's companion was the Beloved Disciple, the author of the book ( John 21:24 ). Was known unto the high priest (hn gnwsto twi arcierei). Verbal adjective from ginwskw, to know ( Acts 1:19 ) with dative case. How well known the word does not say, not necessarily a personal friend, well enough known for the portress to admit John. "The account of what happened to Peter might well seem to be told from the point of view of the servants' hall" (Sanday, Criticism of the Fourth Gospel, p. 101). Entered in with Jesus (suneishlqen twi Ihsou). Second aorist active indicative of the double compound suneisercomai, old verb, in N.T. here and Acts 6:22 . With associative instrumental case. Into the court (ei thn aulhn). It is not clear that this word ever means the palace itself instead of the courtyard (uncovered enclosure) as always in the papyri (very common). Clearly courtyard in Mark 14:66 ( Matthew 26:69 ; Luke 22:55 ). Apparently Annas had rooms in the official residence of Caiaphas.