John 6:24

When the multitude therefore saw (ote oun eiden o oclo). Resumption and clarification of the complicated statements of verse Jo 22. That Jesus was not there (oti Ihsou ouk estin ekei). Present indicative retained in indirect discourse. They still did not understand how Jesus had crossed over, but they acted on the basis of the plain fact. They themselves got into (enebhsan autoi ei). Second aorist active indicative of embainw followed by ei (both en and ei together as often in N.T.). Seeking Jesus (zhtounte ton Ihsoun). Present active participle of zhtew. They had a double motive apart from the curiosity explained in verse Jo 22. They had clearly not given up the impulse of the evening before to make Jesus king (Jo 6:15) and they had hopes of still another bountiful repast at the hands of Jesus as he said (Jo 6:26).